Scott Kahn:  Music Industry Professional


music technology/studio consulting, recording artist/musician/producer, writer/editor/author

Scott Kahn is the editor in chief and CEO of, the popular online magazine read by over 150,000 musicians monthly. He routinely reviews new musical instruments and recording tools used by professional musicians and recording engineers, and writes tutorials on a variety of music technology topics of interest to serious musicians. Scott is recognized as an industry thought leader and has led or been part of panel sessions at the MI industry's NAMM Show, and he is routinely interviewed for various music podcasts and blogs. He has also written white papers, news releases, and blog editorials for MI manufacturers.

Scott recently launched, a new website designed to help connect musicians with other musicians: bands needing members, players looking for sub gigs or casual jams, bands looking for producers/engineers, and more. In partnership with numerous music industry organizations, the goal is for to become the number one, go-to site for helping musicians to connect with other musicians.

Scott is also the author of the popular guitar technology book, Modern Guitar Rigs: The Tone Fanatic's Guide to Integrating Amps & Effects, now in its second edition.  This book explores in detail all of the various components that go into building professional guitar rigs from multi-amp switchers to effect looping systems to wireless systems, MIDI foot controllers, and much more.  His next music technology book is in the works.

As a musical artist, Scott is well known in the world of progressive rock music thanks to his co-founding of the award-winning, melodic prog rock band, Days Before Tomorrow.  Subsequent music projects include the band, Beyond Tomorrow, and 2016 saw the debut of his latest band, Dream Eternal Bliss, in which he plays keyboards in a melodic modern rock group.  Scott has recorded, produced, and mixed music for a variety of bands and independent artists.

As a consultant in the music technology space, Scott helps musicians build home/project studios, designs and/or builds guitar rigs, and provides one-on-one instruction in the use of recording technology products.

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